National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR) is a Non Government Organisation (NGO)  founded by Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY at Hyderabad. It was registered as a Public Society on 21st June 1983.

Encouraged by the Govt. of India, several State Governments and World Bank etc. NIAR is established to spread the awareness of Amateur Radio activity amongst the people in India.

NIAR has its offices, Library, Lab, Museum, Club Station, Conference Hall, Class Rooms, QSL Buro, Guest House facilities along with staff quarters in its campus.

All the activities are organised from a very well established eco-friendly spacious buildings owned by NIAR in the heart of the city of Hyderabad.

NIAR conducts awareness and training programs for the Amateur Station Operator Licence Examination regularly. 

NIAR conducts seminars/ meetings/workshops regularly.

NIAR has a full fledged Club station with the callsign VU2NRO in its premises which is active regularly. It members have received many awards of achievement for participating in contests from this station. Special callsigns are being used from here from time time also.

NIAR assists schools/colleges/institutions/individuals etc. to form their own Amateur Radio clubs.

NIAR conducts Dxpeditions to the rare Andaman & Nicobar Islands (VU4) and Lakshadweep Islands (VU7) from time to time.

The Radio Amateurs Civil Emergency Service (RACES) wing of NIAR is ready with equipment and man power who volunteer to assist the local administration in any kind of emergency, natural or man made calamities.

The Technical Wing of the Institute encourages volunteer Amateurs to construct their own home made transceivers, power supply, antenna etc.

 NIAR regularly publishes "Ham News" and also Study Material, Brochures etc.

NIAR is active in its website, yahoogroups & facebook to convey messages to its members and others.

NIAR has sponsored many members to several international Meetings / Conferences / Hamventions / Seminars.

NIAR interacts with government agencies for promotion of Amateur Radio in India.

The Electronic Media and the press has been quoting APARS and NIAR activities extensively.

Several prominent leaders, eminent persons & Hams, people all walks of life from India and abroad have visited NIAR and appreciated its activities.

A peoples movement in Information Technology is launched by NIAR.

We at NIAR thanks all its members for rendering their enormous support and encouragement to all its activities over the years. NIAR has reinstated its commitment in Nation Building activities by service through Amateur Radio.


Details of some special events and achievements of NIAR for the promotion of Amateur Radio in the country are highlighted here in chorological order.

HAL Amateur Radio Club, VU2HAL was inaugurated where Mr.Suri was employed..

Members of HAL Amateur Radio Club, Ex-servicemen Association, members of the HAL Workers Union together organised a Jawans Stall at Secunderabad Railway station under the leadership of Mr. S. Suri, VU2MY

Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister received a cheque of Rs. 30,000/- from Mr. Suri, VU2MY representing HAL, Hyderabad division. An autograph by her was got in 1978 after presenting a report on Hams role in Morvi Dam disaster.

Registration of A.P. Amateur Radio Society, VU2APR (APARS).

A.P Govt. constituted a committee under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Technical Education, Employment & Training with Director, Employees & Training and Director, Technical Education. This committee after going through lot of process and discussions with Mr. Suri, the founder gave a report on the usefulness of Ham’s during natural calamities and other areas and on APARS to Government of AP. Later Mr.T.Anjaiah, Hon’ble Chief Minister approved several proposals including the release of first AP grant of Rs.1,00,000/- in 1980.

APARS members provided emergency communications after the killer cyclone hit Divya Seema, Andhra Pradesh.

AP Hams Convention was conducted by APARS at JNTU on 12th August 1978.

APARS members provided emergency communications after the cyclone in Nellore and Prakasam Districts  of Andhra Pradesh.


Annual function of APARS was held on 23 March 1982 at Society premises. Mr.Bhavanam Venkatram, Hon'ble Chief Minister  was the chief guest.

A major All India Hamvention was conducted by APARS at Hyderabad which was attended by  Shri Rajiv Gandhi, VU2RG.

APARS provided Amateur Radio network during the 9th Asian Games - Asiad’82 held at New Delhi with callsign AU9BSG.

Members of APARS (VU2SU, VU2RM, VU2WC etc.) provided emergency communications after Gujarat Cyclone in October 1982 from Amreli and Gandhinagar.

Members of APARS (VU2SU, VU2MY, VU2RBI,VU2WC) participated in Himalayan Car Rally in 1982.

A Seminar on Disaster Communications was held at Seminar Hall, JNTU, Hyderabad  sponsored by Dept . of Science & Technology & Electronics on 29 March 1983.

APARS stall was set up at IETE Exhibition, Hyderabad.

Mr.V.N.Gadgil the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, Govt. of India, inaugurated NIAR.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY was sent on global tour for two months to study many international Amateur Radio organisations. This was approved by Mrs.Indira Gandhi as Minister for Electronics & Prime Minister.

NIAR emerged as a National Organisation in promotion of Amateur Radio. Dept. of Electronics, Govt. of India decided to recognise it as an Apex organisation and funding it to the tune of Rs.95 lakhs.

Members of APARS provided emergency communications after flash floods in Khammam Dist. during August 1983.

Members of NIAR provided emergency communications after cyclone and floods inAndhra Pradesh in October 1983.

APARS provided communication network at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOGM) held at Goa in November 1983.

A team of three members led by YL. Bharathi, VU2RBI operated expedition station from Kavaratti, Lakshadweep Islands with callsign VU7WCY  from 19 December 1983 to 3 January 1984. The other team members were VU2MY and VU2RM.

NIAR office was established at P.S. Nagar, Hyderabad. (Mr. Suri’s residence)

Exhibition and Seminar on Ham Radio was held on 25th MArch 1984 at Hyderabad.

NIAR office was shifted to Road No.1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Ms.M.Bhanumathy, VU2BL represented NIAR at SEA Net Conference held in Philippines.

NIAR conducted a Seminar on “Amateur radio in Public Service” at Vijayawada on 22nd February 1986.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY & Ms.R.Bharathi, VU2RBI represented NIAR to attend Ham meetings in Yugoslavia, UK, Germany, Finland and Sweden including RSGB HF Convention & AMSAT conferences, Direction Finding Championship at Sarajevo.

NIAR provided emergency communications during floods in Andhra Pradesh during 12th August to 7th September, 1986 and got appreciation from the Govt. of AP.

All India Seminar was organised at NIAR during 29 to 30th November 1986 on the subject “Promotion of Ham Activities in India” On the occasion, 14 HF sets with accessories were presented to NIAR Coordinators in different parts of the country for promotion n of Amateur Radio in India.

NIAR constructed its own buildings and moved to Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad on 1st May 1987.

NIAR conducted a major Dxpedition to Andaman & Nicobar Islands with a team of 30 members with callsign VU4APR (Port Blair) & VU4NRO (Nicobar) during 20th February to 31st March 1987. Before the Dxpedtion, Team Leader Ms. Bharathi, VU2RBI met the Prime Minister of India Shri. Rajiv Gandhi, VU2RG who blessed the Dxpedition. Ms. Bharathi became number one among woman Hams and was Awarded Ambassador on the Air from DX Association, New Orelans, USA. Her name appeared in Limca Book of Records for her activity from Andaman.

The services of NIAR was utilized for communications by the 12th National OK Dinghy and 2nd Laser National Sailing Regatta held at Hussian Sagar Lake, Hyderabad.

NIAR provided emergency communication after a major train accident at Mancherial in 8th July 1987.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY & Ms.R.Bharathi, VU2RBI represented NIAR to attend Ham meetings in Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland. They also participated in Dxpedition to Liechtenstein.

Four teams of NIAR Ham members participated in Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha held during 27th September to 7th November 1987 organised jointly by 40 science organisations.

International Amateur Radio Union President and two other representatives visited NIAR.

All India Ham Convention was organized at NIAR on 13th & 14th February, 1988.

NIAR provided communications during Hyderabad Sailing Fortnight held at Hussain Sagar Lake from 2nd July 1988.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY represented NIAR for 75th anniversary celebrations of RSGB during 15th to 17th July 1988 in London.

NIAR team provided emergency communications during floods in Godavari River at various places in Khammam Dist. from 19th July to 7th August 1988.

NIAR team provided emergency communications after the earth quake in Bihar from 22nd August to 6th September 1988.

NIAR conducted Flood Relief Mock exercise upon request of District Collector at Khammam on 3rd October 1988.

NIAR provided Cyclone Assistance stations at the request of the Govt. on 12th November 1988.

NIAR members provided communications in Cuddapah District due to threat of floods.

All India Ham Convention was held by NIAR at Hyderabad on 11th & 12th February 1989.

Lakshadweep Dxpedition was conducted by NIAR during 20th February to 31st March 1989 with the callsign VU7APR & VU7NRO from Kavaratti Island. VU2BL was the team leader. The other members of the team were VU2MY, VU2SU, VU2JOS & VU2URX.

NIAR provided emergency communications after the train accident at Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh from 21st to 22nd April 1989.

NIAR teams provided emergency communications during floods in coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr.Pulok Chaterjee, Joint Secretary from Office of the Prime Minister of India visited NIAR on 14th Sept 1989.

NIAR provided emergency communications during 9th to 18th November 1989 in connection with a major cyclone that hit Kavali.

NIAR participated in the 11th National Scouts Jamboorie held at Bhopal during 3rd to 9th January 1990.

NIAR conducted annual convention at Hyderabad during 10th & 11th February 1990.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY and Mrs.Bharathi Prasad VU2RBI met Shri. Rajiv Gandhi, VU2RG at Delhi and discussed Amateur Radio  matters in March 1990.

NIAR teams (consisting of 50 hams) provided emergency communications during the severe cyclone that hit Andhra Pradesh in May 1990. Mr.Rajiv Gandhi, VU2RG who visited the cyclone affected areas spoke through ham radio and congratulated them for proving emergency communications.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY and Ms.Bhanumathy, VU2BL represented NIAR in RSGB (UK) and AMSAT (UK) conferences and Amateur Convention in Leningrad, Russia and also Germany in August 1990.

AP Amateur Radio Society merged with NIAR.

Dr.N.Tata ao, VU2NTR represented NIAR at SEA Net Conference held at Kuching, Malaysia during 9 to 12 November 1990.

NIAR teams provided communication during Godavari floods.

NIAR conducted All India Ham Convention at Hyderabad during 9th & 10th February 1991.
It was inaugurated by Shri.A.M.Joshi, Wireless Adviser, Govt. of India.

Mr.N.Janardhan Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh released the NIAR Study Manual during the occasion.

Mr.Valery V.Sal Din, RA4HA inaugurated the NIAR Guest House.

Rajiv Bhavan, the NIAR building in name of Shri. Rajiv Gandhi, VU2RG Late Prime Minister of India was inaugurated.

Major Policy - Introduction of Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) as an activity under Work Experience from Class-IX onwards in all CBSE affiliated schools.

NIAR delegation Mr. Mr.P.V.Narasimha Rao, Prime Minister of India at New Delhi and discussed about Amateur radio matters.

At the request of Govt. of India, NIAR provided emergency radio link with the Indian Embassy in Lusaka (9J2QV) at the time of elections in Zambia on October 31,1991.

NIAR team provided communications during Godavari Pushkarams at Rajahmundry during 14th to 26th August 1991.

A seminar in Observance of International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction was held at NIAR on 9th October 1991.

NIAR provided emergency communications after the earth quake in Uttar Kashi, Uttar Pradesh in October 1991.

NIAR honoured The Samundra Yatch Expedition team on 9th December 1991. All the 7 members of the team from Army, Air Force & Coast Guard were hams.

Mrs. Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI met Mr.Venkatraman, Honb'le President of India at Bharat Scouts & Guides HQ, New Delhi.

Mr.M.Balamurali Krishna, VU2BBG of NIAR provided communications to Indian Civilian Everest Expedition team.

NIAR conducted All India Ham Convention at Hyderabad during 8th & 9th February 1992.

Mr.N.Vittal, IAS, VU2NVO, Secretary, Dept. of Electronics inaugurated NIAR's Delhi Office on 16 July 1992 and expanded its activities in North India.

NIAR members provided emergency communications during floods in Bhadrachalam, Khammam Dist, Andhra Pradesh in August 1992.

A cover page article on Mr.S.Suri appeared in Reader's Digest September 1992 issue.

NIAR delegation met the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. K.Vijaya Bhaker Reddy.

NIAR members provided communications during Krishna Pushkarams held at Vijayawada during 7 to 23 September 1992.

Mr. S.K. Arora, IAS, became NIAR Chairman.

A team of 3 members under his leadership with Mr. M.G. Gopal, IAS and Mr. S. Suri VU2MY visited Japan and other South East Asian countries and interacted with officials of IARU, JARL and others.

NIAR established an Amateur Radio Communication Network in Andhra Pradesh state by setting up Centres in 9 coastal & 1 flood prone districts with support from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh & World Bank. A total of 300 Amateur Radio sets were issued under this project. (10 HF, 10 VHF Base & 10 VHF handies per centre)

NIAR team provided emergency communications after Latur earth quake in Maharashtra on 30th Sept 1993.

NIAR received Golden Antenna from German & Dutch Amateur Radio Society - Mr. S.K. Arora, IAS represented, NIAR at Bad Bentheim, Germany in the presence of Indian Embassy officials and other high dignitaries including the Mayor.

NIAR developed low cost HF transceivers for 2 bands with support received from DOE, Govt. of India.

NIAR participated in the 11th National Scouts Jamboorie held at Palakkad, Kerala during 3rd to 9th January 1994.

NIAR delegation met Ms.Sonia Gandhi, VU2SON on 24 March 1994 at Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad and discussed about Amateur Radio matters.

Collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) and establishment of R.G. Amateur Radio Club, VU2RG.

An All India Hamvention was held at Bangalore on 9th & 10th April 1994. Many politicians, IAS, IPS, representative of R.G.F. were among the dignitaries who attended. Special callsign VU94NRJ was used then.

NIAR delegation met Mr.N.T.Rama Rao, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Dr.Shrikant Jichkar,VU2SJA, MP, Rajya Sabha who is also highly qualified person in India took over as Chairman of NIAR. He was also a former IPS/IAS, Ex-MLA, Minister.

An All India Conference was conducted by NIAR at Delhi.

A high power delegation from China visited NIAR on 26th March 2005 to study about Amateur Radio.

NIAR facilitated Ms.Rekha, Student of Little Lilly English School, Bangalore who spoke to Astronauts in space shuttle under SAREX project

NIAR delegation met Ms.Sonia Gandhi, VU2SON on 22 December 1995 at Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad and discussed about Amateur Radio matters.

Mr.P.V.Narasimha Rao, The Prime Minister of India inaugurated "Vaartha" News paper at 10 centers in Andhra Pradesh through Ham Radio stations set up by NIAR and greeted hams.

MPLAD scheme approves setting up of Amateur Radio clubs in schools.

NIAR provided emergency communications during Amarnath Yatra tragedy in August 1996.

NIAR members provided relief communications in Kakinada after cyclone hit the area on 6th November 1996.

Mr. N. Vittal, IAS recommended Public Sector Enterprises to establish Amateur Radio Clubs in their schools. Several clubs were established under this scheme at Dehradun, Rajahmundry, Mehsana,Vadodara etc.

The Govt. of India entrusts a study of Socio-Economic Viability of Village Public Telephones to NIAR which was successfully completed.

NIAR participated in National Council for Emergency Managers (NCCEM), Global Forum of Natural Disaster Reduction (GFNDR) at Phoenix, USA and Disaster-98 at Orlardo, USA.

NIAR has reached an MOU with Disaster Emergency Resource Agency (DERA) USA to work out some details for further improvements in taking up Emergency Management areas through voluntary action.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY visited the Amateur Radio club at European Parliament at Strasbourg, France

National Control Room for Amateur Radio was inaugurated at NIAR on 8th July 1999 by Mr.N.Vittal, VU2NVO,Central Vigilance Commissioner, Govt. of India.

He also inaugurated the Disaster relief Vehicle (Ambulance with Amateur Radio HF/VHF/UHF Communications) which was purchased under MPLADS funds provided by Mr. Rumandala Ramachandrayya, MP (RS).

NIAR team provided emergency communications after the Orissa Super Cyclone on 30th October 1999.

Senior Amateurs Meet was held at NIAR on 19th October 2000.

NIAR delegates (VU2SJA, VU2MY, VU2MWA, VU2MYH) represented NIAR at Dayton Hamfest in USA.

Mr.S.Suri represented NIAR at Ham Radio meet at Friedrichshafen, Germany. He also visited Amateur Radio clubs in France, Italy, UK and European Parliament.

Mr.S.B.Ram, VU2LIC of NIAR visited Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society.

NIAR received Award for Excellence in Public Service from DERA USA.

NIAR team provided emergency communications after the Gujarat earth quake on 26th January 2001.

NIAR team provided emergency Communications during floods in Orissa during 18 to 27 July 2001.

Hamfest India 2001 was conducted by NIAR at Nagpur on 27 & 28 October 2001.

NIAR established Amateur Radio Clubs in 4 Schools in Hyderabad under MPLADS of Mr.Denzil B. Atkinson, MP

NIAR conducted a meeting on the occasion of World Amateur Radio Day on 18 April 2002.

The special callsign AT0NG was used by NIAR members for 32nd National Games held at Hyderabad during 1 to 31 December 2002.

NIAR builds partnership with UNDP (Orissa) and CARE (New Delhi) to promote Amateur Radio.

The 20th NIAR foundation Day was celebrated at NIAR with a program on "Two Decades of NIAR in Public Service".

NIAR team met Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, President of India on 26 Aug 2008 at Rashtrapathi Bhavan New Delhi.

NIAR members operated with the special callsign AT0AAG to mark the 1st Afro Asian Games Games held at Hyderabad during 24 October to 1 November 2003.

Mr.S.B.Ram, VU2LIC of NIAR participated in the Seminar on "ICT 4 D - Role of Amateur Radio" held at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

NIAR conducted DXpedition to Port Blair, Andamans from 3rd December 2004 with the callsigns VU4RBI & VU4NRO. The members were VU2RBI Team Leader,VU2DBP, VU3DVS, VU2MYH & VU3RSB.

On 26th December 2004 during the Dxpedition there was a major earth quake and Tsunami. The team converted the Dxpedition into Emergency Communications. Other members of NIAR joined them and provided emergency communications from various affected islands.

The Tsunami relief operations of NIAR Dxpedition to Andamans received ARRL International Humanitarian Award.

NIAR implemented a project of Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of India and established 10 Amateur Radio Centres in different parts of the country.

Mr.Dayanidhi Maran, VU2DMK, Hon"ble Minister for Communication & IT, Govt. of India presented Appreciation Certificates to volunteers who participated in Tsunami Relief operations. He also released VU4NRO & VU4RBI QSL Cards.

NIAR team met Dr.Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India on 5 March 2005 who signed on the VU4NRO & VU4RBI QSL cards also.

An International Seminar on Amateur Radio in Disaster Management was held at Chennai on 18 April 2005, World Amateur Radio Day. This was attended by many foreign delegates also.

Mrs. Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI made key note presentation at the International DX convention held at Visalia, California, USA held between April 16 to 17, 2005.

NIAR Team consisting of Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY, Mrs. Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI, Mr.D.B.Prasad, VU2DBP along with Mr.Ajeer Vidya, Joint Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India represented Dayton Hamfest held in USA during May 2005.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY represented NIAR at Ham Com 2005 Dx Convention held on 3 to 5 June 2005 in Texas, USA.

NIAR delegation consisting of Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY, Mrs. Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI and Mr.D.B.Prasad, VU2DBP represented NIAR at the first Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Conference (GAREC) held in Finland during 13-14 June 2005..

NIAR delegation consisting of Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY, Mrs. Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI and Mr.D.B.Prasad, VU2DBP, Mr.S.B.Ram VU2LIC and Mr.S.Satyapal, VU2FI represented NIAR at Ham Radio meet held at Friedrichshafen, Germany during 24 to 26 June 2005.

Mr.S.Ram Mohan, VU2MYH gave a special presentation (live through internet) on NIAR VU4 Tsunami Relief operations during RSGB HF Convention held in UK during 7 to 9 October 2005.

NIAR team represented NIAR at the 15th National Jamboree of Bharat Scouts & Guides held at Haridwar during 16 to 22 October 2005.

Mrs.D.Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI represented NIAR at the Asia Pacific Dx Convention held in Japan. During the Convention, she received the 2nd Annual Lynch Memorial Award by Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association, Japan.

Hamfest VU4 India was conducted at Port Blair during April 2006. As part of the celebrations Indian and Foreign delegates operated with the callsign VU4AN.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY represented NIAR at SEA Net Convention 2006 held at Osaka, Japan.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY & Mr.S.Ram Mohan, VU2MYH represented NIAR at the second Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Conference (GAREC) held in Finland during 19-20 June 2006.

They also represented NIAR at the Ham Radio meet held at Friedrichshafen, Germany during 23 to 25 June 2006.

NIAR implemented the project "Propagation Conditions in Amateur Radio Communications for Coastal Areas" supported by Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of India.

Hamfest 2007 was held at Kadamat, Lakshadweep in January 2007. As part of this, Indian and Foreign Hams operated from Kadamat, Agatti and Bangaram Islands with the callsign VU7RG during 15th to 25th January 2007.

Another team of NIAR operated from the rare Minicoy Island with the callsign VU7MYduring 15th to 30th January 2007. This expedition "DXpedtion of the Year" Award from South West Ohio DX Association, USA and also GM DX Group.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY addressed the exhibition held at European Parliament, in Brussels, Belgium during 5 to 9 March 2007.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY represented NIAR at the Amateur Radio Exhibition meeting held at Montichiari, Italy during 10 to 11 March 2007.

Mr.S.Suri visited Amateur Radio Associations in Poland and Austria.

Mrs.D.Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI & Ms. Mahathi VU3DSM represented NIAR at Dayton Hamfest held in USA during May 18 to 20, 2007 and "Ham Com 2007" held in Texas, USA during June 8 to 9, 2007.

NIAR sponsored 8 Members for Disaster Management Training in Austria in June 2007.

They also represented NIAR at the "32nd International Amateur Radio Exhibition : Ham Radio 2007" held at Friedrichshafen, Germany during 22 to 24 June 2007.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY & Ms.S.Yamini, VU2YAM visited REF Union, the French Amateur Radio Club's HQ.

NIAR members operated with the special callsign AT60MY to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Indian independence.

Mr.S.Ram Mohan, VU2MYH. Director represented NIAR at SEA Net conference held at Lampang, Thailand during 8 to 11 November 2007.

Swami Vivekananda Hall (meeting hall) located in NIAR Campus was inagurated on 16th March 2008.

Ms.S.Yamini, VU2YAM of NIAR participated in the International DX pedition TI9KK to Cosos Island, Costa Rica in Central America.

Her name was entered in Limca Book of Records for this activity. She also received DERA Gold Medal Award and Certificate at a function held at Dayton, USA on 17 May 2011.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY, Dr.P.Sudhakar Rao, VU2SH and Ms.S.Yamini, VU2YAM represented NIAR at Dayton Hamfest, USA in May, 2008.

NIAR Silver Jubilee Foundation Day was celebrated with a Seminar on "Amateur Radio for Next Generation" at Hyderabad on 21 June 2008.

NIAR Silver Jubilee Convention "Hamtech 2008 International Expo & Conference" was held at Hyderabad in during 18 to 20 October 2008.

NIAR presented 20 nos. of MFJ QRP 20 M transceivers presented by G QRP Club & QRP ARCI of USA to different clubs / individuals in India during the occasion.

AT25MY & AT25RG callsigns were used by members of NIAR during July 2 to October 22, 2008 to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of NIAR.

As part of the celebrations , the following Dxpeditions were conducted during 24th October to 3rd November 2008
1. VU4MY : Port Blair, Andamans (VU2BL,VU2MYH,VU2YAM)
2. VU4RG : Port Blair, Andamans (DL5DSM, DJ7JC)
3. VU7SJ : Agatti Island, Lakshadeep (DL9GFB, DF7TT VU2JOS)
4. VU7NRO : Kadamat Island, Lakshadweep (VU2UWZ,VU2NIS)

VU4RG & VU7SJ received plaques as winners in CQ WW SSB Contests.

NIAR members participated in Mock Exercise on Mass Causality organised by local administration at Secunderabad Railway station on 26th November 2008. On the next Republic Day ie January 26, 2009, The District Collector, Hyderabad presented "Meritorious Award Certificate" to the participants.

NIAR members participated in IOTA DXpedition AT9RS on Goa Coast during April 5 to 8, 2009 as part of NIAR silver jubilee celebrations.

NIAR team provided communication in West Bengal after cyclone Aila hit the region in June 2009.

NIAR team set up communication in flood affected Avanigadda in Krishna Dist. of Andhra Pradesh in October 2009.

 The Chief Minister of Orissa honored NIAR on 29th October 2009 on Orissa Disaster Preparedness Day and National Day for Disaster Reduction. He also inaugurated the Ham Radio Communication Network in Orissa consisting of 21 stations installed by NIAR.

Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY represented NIAR in the following Ham Conferences:

2nd China Ham Expo 2010 at Shanghai during 3 to 5 April 2010

Ham Radio 2010 at Friedrichshafen, Germany during 25 to 27 June 2010.

Global Amateur Radio Emergency Conference (GAREC) 2010 at Curacao during October 11 to 12, 2010.

Amateur Radio Museum was inaugurated at NIAR on 18 April 2010, World Amateur Radio Day.

Mrs.D.Bharati Prasad, VU2RBI, Chief Coordinator, NIAR presented a testimony on Commonwealth Observance Day on 8th March 2010 at London. It was attended by Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, High Commissioners of Commonwealth Countries etc.

Mrs.D.Bharati Prasad, VU2RBI received a "Thanks Badge" from the President of India H.E.Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil for her meritorious services to the Bharat Scouts & Guides.

"Amateur Radio Advanced Digital Communication Network" project of Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India is being implemented by NIAR. As part of the project 30 digital  communication stations are set up by NIAR in different parts of the country. Awareness programs are also being conducted as part of the project.

NIAR participated in 16th National Jamboree of Bharat Scouts & Guides held at Shakerpally, Hyderabad. The special callsign AT16BSG was used then.

NIAR conducted Amateur Radio Training for 2 batches for Orissa State Disaster Management Authority at Bhubaneswar  in March and May 2011.

Mrs.D.Bharati Prasad, VU2RBI represented NIAR at Dayton Hamfest 2011, USA.

A 3 day JOTA Transceiver Workshop was held at NIAR during July 7 to 10, 2011 where participants assembled low power transceivers successfully.

NIAR conducted Amateur Radio Training for Bharat Scouts & Guides at Nahan in Himachal Pradesh & at New Delhi.